Spiderman School Backpack CSSO149

Size: Small
Color: Black
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The Features ofSpiderman School Backpack
  • Waterproof: The backpack is made of water resistant material . light-weight .breathable and easy to clean . if there's dirt or water on the bag because of mistake . you can just wipe it with tissue in time and it will not have any trail after.
  • Age Group:Size available for kids below 12-year-old: Backpack Diamension:Large Size :42cm*30cm*17cm .Small Size: 36cm*28cm*13cm(Height*Width*Thick) .adjustable straps allow different age kids take this backpack
  • Smart and Unique Designs:1. two in one bag design .can lock the small bag with the backpack . also can be used separately;2. Spiderman Zipper: This backpack is inspired by superhero Spiderman .which is kids' super idol .we make everything including details alike superman .give kids a sense of belonging;3. Reflective Stripes: two reflective stripes on each shoulder strap to ensure kids safe
  • Large Capacity Usage: The backpack is big enough for kids which has one main pocket can put books .ipad .clothes and other things;One front pocket is available to put some small things;Side pockets are made to put bottles;The removable small bag in front is for kids when they just need to take a little stuff.
  • Spiderman Zipper: This backpack is inspired by superhero Spiderman . we make it as spiderman shape . the same time . all details we make it carefully . even the zipper is spiderman head .give kids a sense of belonging
  • Reflective Stripes: In case of kids safety . we put 2 reflective stripes on each shoulder strap . so that in the dark place pedestrian and vehicle can see kids from very far
  • Why kids need a lovely backpack? You may ask this question because you think all bags for kids are the same. You are wrong! For kids . the backpack is not only a bag for them to carry stuffs . it's also a toy to accompany them to go to school and play. Spiderman . as kids favourite superhero can absolutely appeal to kids. They will like this back to scholl gift very much! Believe in us!

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