Anime One Piece Gold Coated Banknote, Limited Edition Collectible Bill Bookmark Luffy 20th Anniversary Collection

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Pirate king gold foil color printed Commemorative Banknote
Made of pet coated with gold foil
Inspired by Lu Fei, the popular character in the popular animation pirate king, the design is exquisite and beautiful, which is suitable for the collection of pirate king animation cartoon fans.
It is composed of the 20th anniversary banknote of pirate Wang Luffy, and presents the commemorative envelope packaging and certificate
It is made by high vacuum die casting. Durable, scratch proof and waterproof.
You can collect it yourself or give it as a gift to your relatives and friends

Style: Pirate King
Material: pet coated with gold foil
Color: Gold
Size: 16 * 7.6cm
Weight: 50g

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