Sansa Stark Costumes Guide

Best Sansa Stark Cosplay Costumes Guide

People are getting ready for winter. You've come to the right place! Sansa Stark is one of the few people left in the HBO show Game of Thrones, and she is one of our favorite victims. Our guide will show you how to look like the lady of Winterfell.

Costumes from Game of Thrones are good enough to wear at a convention. As soon as she meets Jon Snow, Sansa Stark goes from trusting to cynical, and she does it very quickly.


Sansa's first cosplay is made of lighter colors that match her fire-kissed hair. To get Sansa-like clothes, you can get them at your local costume shop or online. Naturally, a wig or real ginger will work for her hair.

Sansa's look darkened. She mostly wore black clothes with black feathers on them, but her hair was still very hot, even though her clothes were mostly black. Bring back any Stark characters who died, like Rob or Catelyn.


You can also choose one of the few still alive, like Arya Stark and John Snow, to dress up as. Check out our featured photos for more ideas on your hairstyle and other things. Please take a picture and send it in to show off!

Information about Sansa Stark

Shy people aren't always easy for Sansa Stark. When she was a child, she was full of hope for the summer. Death and brutality took the joy out of her life, and most of her family died.


When she was younger, she used to trust everyone. She used to smile and hope. She has left them to stay alive. She is like a shadow. These things may have dimmed the brightness in her eyes, but nothing has dimmed the flame of rage just below the surface.

It doesn't look like Sansa Stark will be able to stand on her own two feet again and find safety in her father's name. With her older brother Jon Snow by her side and back in the comfort of Winterfell, it's not clear if she will fight in the next battle.


Because of what she's been through, fans won't be mad at her if she wants to stay in the safety of her own home. But knowing what we know about this show, it wouldn't surprise anyone if she put on armor and led her bannermen into battle.

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