Kakashi Hatake Costumes Guide

Best Kakashi Hatake Cosplay Costumes Guide

Naruto manga character Kakashi Hatake is as well-known as the show's name. He is a well-respected member of Team 7. Kakashi is a stylish and dangerous ninja who is fun to dress up. How to look like him by following our guide.

It takes a certain amount of style to cosplay as an Anime character. With some help from a local costume shop or some time spent on the internet, you can make Kakashi's look just like the real thing.

When you wear regular clothes like a green tactical vest under a black hoodie, and black sweats pulled up to the knee, you can get a look like Kakashi's.

When you buy a wig or white spray-on hair color, you can get his hairstyle. His weapons can be purchased cheaply at a local discount store, making it easier to buy his logo headband and gloves for less money.


Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and other characters from Team 7 can also be added to your cosplay team if you want to make it look more like the real thing. To get more ideas, check out some of our featured photos. We'd love to see your pictures as well!

Information about Kakashi Hatake

People like Kakashi Hatake because he is the leader of Team 7. Though he was initially seen as apathetic, as his character grows, he becomes more laid back. He is a good leader even though he doesn't care about what other people do and looks tired. He does everything he can to keep his team together.

With a name that means "scarecrow," they are often thought of as Kakashi. At times, the scarecrow-like Kakashi will help Naruto train for a fight with Kakashi. Kakashi is a good friend and a good teacher.


Despite his laid-back attitude, he is a good competitor when teaching his students how to play the game. Before letting them be students, he wants them to learn and understand how to work together. Audiences often praise his character traits, making him more popular in the show.

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