Jon Snow Costumes Guide

Best Jon Snow Cosplay Costumes Guide

Kit Harington plays Jon Snow in the HBO show Game of Thrones. He is the son of Ned Stark and the nephew of Daenerys Targaryen. The other person joins the Night's Watch to get out of the way of his bad reputation.


Later, when Jon Snow as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, he was betrayed and killed by his people, but Melisandre brought him back from the dead.

It's easy to see why you'd want to dress up as the King of the North. In a group cosplay, this character can be very easy to use. If you can get your friends on board, this is a character that can be used. To look like him well, you'll need many things.


Find most of your clothes in black. You can start by finding a tunic costume from the 1800s and a pirate shirt to wear. Then you'll want to find Viking leather armor, a fur scarf, black sweat pants, and a dark cloak to put over your outfit.


To finish your costume, put on some black gloves and medieval-looking boots. Then, go to your local costume shop or look online for a sword and a medieval belt to finish it off. To show us what you come up with after this, don't forget to look at the pictures below. If you need some ideas, look at the pictures below.

Information about Jon Snow

How to describe Jon Snow? He's someone who prefers to do things his way. Because he's an outsider and Eddard Stark's illegitimate son, he's a bit of an unknown.


But even though he gives off a mysterious vibe at times, that doesn't mean he comes across as cold. His younger sister, Arya, is one of the people he likes the most. His looks can make him seem like a bully at times, even though he's not cold.


But he learns from those mistakes and grows over the course of the show. Besides, Jon is also a pretty good fighter because he grew up in noble families and learned some of their lessons. You can probably think of him as a little bit of a heroin addict somehow.

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